Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It’s getting warm…

Our external temperature monitor recorded 28.4°C this afternoon. Possibly somewhat elevated by reflection off the cream roof, but it certainly felt warm. An unfortunate side effect is the amount of male flesh on boat decks exposed to fresh air and scrutiny for the first time this year. Pallid hairy legs I can deal with, but white pot-bellies hanging over the waistband is beyond the pale.

We got under way around 11:00, arriving at Colwich Lock about an hour later.

Colwich Lock

There’s usually a queue above, boats leaving Great Haywood cluster here at the first bottleneck heading south. But there was no-one waiting above as we followed another boat up. I spoke too soon, however. By the time we’d cleared the lock 3 boats had arrived to go down.

Across to the left there are excellent views of Cannock Chase, over the flood meadows bordering the Trent.

Cannock Chase, royal hunting forests.

We pulled onto the wharf next to the junction to top up the water tank, empty the loos and dispose of rubbish, and I popped across to Anglo-Welsh for engine filters. They’re Isuzu agents, and we’ve an oil change coming up.

We’d almost stopped below Haywood Lock, looking for a short day after yesterday’s fraught one, but decided to press on in such gorgeous weather. We didn’t get too carried away though, and tied up in a quiet spot just before Bridge 78.

Near Bridge 78, Ingestre Bridge.

Although there’s been a lot of boats about we only had a 5 minute wait for another boat at Haywood Lock. Apart from that we’ve just been cruising along at our own pace, no-one pushing us or vying for bridge holes. So much more relaxing.

Hey, thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post, I’m feeling much more chilled today. Bruce, it’d be a miracle if we boated early, Mags doesn’t do early mornings! Decided they were marsh marigolds, by the way. Carol, thanks, much better today as you can see from this post….. Sue, I need a decent sun hat, methinks! Finally, Adam. Sorry about the faux pas. Not PC, I guess.

Crazy 1

Locks 3, miles 5

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