Thursday, April 07, 2011

3 for 1

It took us 3 (gentle) days cruising to go from Basin Bridge to the terminus; we’ve retraced the same route today in just the 1. 5½ hours on the move is a long time for us….

We had to be here today, we’ve a Tesco delivery coming tomorrow.

Gopsall Wharf.

Another suitable spot for a delivery – if it wasn’t for the height barrier.

Near Shackerstone Station the canal and station road cross the River Sence side by side.

It’s been cooler today, more cloud than sun and that pesky west wind was still with us. It’s dropped now, so it feels quite a bit warmer.

The canal does a loop towards Congerstone, but doesn’t quite make it. Not to avoid the village (although the Nicholson Guide describes it as a “scattered village of small interest”), but to stay on the 300 foot contour. There are some good stretches for mooring along here.

This moored boat had a VERY hot exhaust!

Pear Pair trees?

And manicured hedges

The vegi-trimmers have been busy along the canal. Not only have they levelled the hedges off, they’ve cut the top of the reeds that fringe the canal. The cut ends have finished up in the canal, creating rafts of vegetation on sheltered corners.

Reed rafts

They don’t clog the propeller, but gather round the bow. After passing one it’s wise to stop and reverse a couple of yards to leave the V shaped mat behind, else it’ll just get bigger and bigger.

That’s got rid of that one…

Near Sutton Wharf we passed the steam-driven narrowboat Tixall.

NB Tixall

Bridge 31 has the inappropriate name of Wooden Top Bridge.

Nothing much seems to have changed on the 48 hour moorings nearest to Stoke Golding. Most of the same boats are there since we went up the canal.

This chap has found a solution to his storage problems….

So long as the combined length doesn’t exceed 70 feet (and the appropriate licence fee is paid) the “tender” doesn’t need a separate licence.

A mile further on and we moored up just beyond Basin Bridge. We’ve tied up on the offside tonight, to make sure we’re handy for the delivery tomorrow. The road is just a few yards away and there’s a handy pull-in.

Locks 0, miles 12½

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