Monday, February 07, 2011

A weekend around Kinver

It’s been a good weekend, weatherwise and for getting about. On Saturday George, Carol and Molly, and Meg and I had an enjoyable and interesting walk up to and along Kinver Edge, coming back to the canal through the village.

Just a taster, there’re a lot more pics on R’n’R’s blog…. Thanks, Carol!

Rock shelters at Nanny’s Rock

Holy Austin Rock Houses

On Sunday we had another walk, this time on the east side of the canal, not so steep this time. Once again, Carol has the pics…. Haven’t I been lazy!

The wind has been strong, although we’ve not had the rain that has plagued other parts of the country. It’s brought down a couple of trees locally. We reported one to BW first thing this morning, it was across most of the canal, and straddling the towpath. George and I had a walk to see how BW was doing, as it affects our journey onward to Stourport tomorrow.

They’d really got stuck in, and easily got the whole thing removed and cut up this afternoon.

BW woodcutting team at work.

One smaller tree a little nearer to Whittington didn’t get reported. This one was earmarked for attention from my own chainsaw!

We motored up there this afternoon, and George and I soon had the tree sliced into manageable pieces, clearing the towpath in the process. With the wood loaded on the roof, we moved another couple of hundred yards along to the next moorings, at the Staffordshire/Worcestershire boundary marker.

Lots of logs….

I got stuck in again, and soon reduced the logs to rings ready for splitting. Mags will be able to see over the top, now!

Wonderful things, chainsaws.

Cross-border mooring. The pointy end is in Worcs., the blunt end is in Staffs.

There’s a flock of sheep in the field opposite, with the first lambs we’ve seen this year.

There’s even a little black one…. Big arhhhhh…

The weather is set fair for tomorrow, fine and bright, the wind has already dropped to a ghost of it’s former strength, the canal is clear ahead, and Stourport beckons. Five hours should see us in the basin, above the River Severn.

We’re moored alongside the county boundary marker. We had tea in Worcestershire, and will be sleeping in Staffordshire. How about that!

Locks 0, miles maybe ¼?


Sue said...

In your element there Geoff with the wood!

Lovely pictures from a beautiful area, almost wish I'd come that way for a while now

Geoff and Mags said...

'tis a lovely stretch of canal, and the wood foraging isn't bad either!