Wednesday, February 09, 2011

End of the Line

Just a quick post today.

Before we set off on the last bit of the canal to Stourport, George and I, with the dogs, took a walk back to have a look at the old canal branch at Pratt’s Wharf that I mentioned yesterday.

As I said, there’s little to see now, just the outline of the filled-in lock chamber, and a stone wing wall leading out onto the river.

Looking down from the towpath bridge at the lock chamber.

And back uphill from the river end.

You wouldn’t believe that this was once navigable!

We had a very gentle chug down the last mile or so to Stourport, arriving around noon.

Queuing for the water point and filling up took another hour, then we got ourselves settled just beyond the service block.

I went up to collect our mail from the Post Office, and brought some cakes back for afternoon tea. George and Carol joined us, then we set off to have a look at the state of the river.

We knew the Severn was in flood was in flood from news reports and the lady in the chandlers, but it was higher than I expected. They must have had some rain in Wales!

Pontoon Moorings near the broad locks.

The bottom narrow lock, completely under water.

I guess we won’t be venturing out onto the river this visit. Shame really, I fancied a run down to Worcester and back.

That’s it then, turn around and head back up again. Plan is to turn right at Stourton Junction, and head up into England’s second city. Should be fun…..

Locks 1, miles 1½

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