Friday, February 04, 2011

Just to Kinver

We only moved the short distance to Kinver yesterday.

Away from our overnight mooring.

After a bit of a frost (enough to put ice on the canal again), it turned out to be a fine day, but the forecasted wind came up in the evening.

Just around the corner is the pretty Hyde Lock, with a well kept cottage alongside.

Hyde Lock and cottage.

After a stop at the services block, we dropped down Kinver Lock and moored shortly after.

Kinver Lock and The Vine.

The moorings at Kinver are beneath a tall bank (that sandstone ridge again!) and it is all but impossible to get TV reception through an aerial. So I dug out and dusted off the old Kerstan satellite dish. It mounts on a smooth surface with a sucker pad base, or at least it did. It won’t stick any more. There must be a split or nick in the rubber, preventing it from maintaining a seal.

Kerstan mini dish.

I’m pretty sure you can get magnetic bases for these dishes instead, which would be a better solution all round. An interweb search is in order, methinks.

Locks 2, miles 1

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