Friday, February 04, 2011

Batten down the hatches….

We’ve moved away from Kinver, just less than a mile but the moorings below Whittington Lock are a bit more sheltered. The wind hasn’t been as bad here as in other places, but it’s still pretty blustery. The forecast is for worse to come, so I guess we’ll be here for the weekend.

Spring is sprung?

Whittington Horse Bridge, with a very nice house alongside.

Whittington Lock

The lock by-wash runs under the front room…..

Moored up, everything tied down. Meg wants to play ball....

I see Sue on No Problem has had a problem. Someone has been purloining pictures from her blog, and using them for their own site. I do admire her solution! Dot and Derek have found that the same copywrite theft has happened to them.

I guess personal blogs are a good source for pictures, if you’re unscrupulous. I wonder how many more of us have been targeted in this way?

Locks 1, miles ¾


Sissy said...

But Geoff, if a picture is attributed to the rightful owner, wouldn't this be okay to share with others who may never ever see the particular blog? I don't mind my pictures being used/shared. I'm certain I have taken a picture or two to share with others when I am just delighted or so impressed with it - especially from another environment.

Geoff and Mags said...

Absolutely, no problem if the owner/source is attributed. It's if the miscreant fails to do this, implying it's his own work, that we should be rightly annoyed.