Thursday, February 10, 2011


We had a still, mild night last night.

Looking across the Upper Basins

Closer view of the Clock Warehouse.

Not being able to go out on the river (although it had dropped a couple of feet it was still too high for navigation), we headed out of Stourport today, back the way we came. We didn’t get an early start, though, and it was past noon by the time we made a move.

R’n’R filled with water, then moved across to get diesel.

Carol and George take on diesel, while we take on water.

We followed them over to the fuel wharf as they set off up York Street Lock. Topped up at both ends, we followed up the lock and set off out of the town, to catch up at our agreed mooring near Bridge 9.

Moored near Bullocks Lane Bridge.

I’ve not made a big deal out of being at Stourport, although it’s a fascinating place, with lots of canal history. On our last visits I posted pictures and info, so if you want to see more, go here and here.

Carol took over 100 pictures, so I reckon that R‘n’R’s blog must be worth a look, as well.

It’s been a grey drizzly sort of day. I hope it’s better tomorrow, we’ve a bit further to travel. That wouldn’t be difficult, though, would it!

The other day Heth on Takey Tezey spoke about the salaries earned taken by the top 9 executives at BW. Info originally posted by Waterlily, sourced from narrowboatworld, shows that these individuals account for £3.5m of a budget of £55.5m. There are around 1700 staff employed by BW in England and Wales.

While I applaud the director’s decision NOT to take a bonus last year (which could have been up to 30% of salary), that’s an awful lot of money to be found, especially as BW (or whatever it will be called) moves towards charitable status.

Realistically, these top 9 could afford a reduction of 30%, then our CEO, Robin Evans, would only earn as much as Sir John Sawers, Chief of Secret Intelligence Service! I mean, can you honestly justify being paid £181 an hour, and that’s assuming an unlikely 60 hour week!

Locks 1, miles 1½


Paul said...

Cannot disagree.

However, who agreed their salaries? it is they who need to be brought to account



Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Is the diesel still a reasonable price at Stourport. Limekiln where quite good last time we went that way

Geoff and Mags said...

Paul, yes good point. wonder when the next salary review is due?
Brian, Diana. 79p in the basin yesterday. And a good chat with the guy dispensing it.