Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Both boats had Tesco deliveries arranged for this morning, to be met at Greensforge Wharf (which is why it would have been handy to moor above the lock). Instead of taking both back up the lock, George volunteered to reverse Rock’n’Roll, and to pick our order up as well. All went to plan, and we were ready to move out at 12:45.

The plan today was to cruise down to Whittington Lock, just the other side of Kinver. It’s not so busy there, and TV reception is better. It’s still easy walking distance back to the town, though.

We hit a snag after only half a mile or so. We caught up with R’n’R having a lot of difficulty negotiating a right hand bend near Ashwood Marina. Carol wanted to go round, but the ice was having none of it!

Near Ashwood.

We eventually got round and dropped down the aptly named Rocky Lock.

Rocky Lock, another example of locks named for local features.

I walked with Meg down to Gothersley Lock, but Mags had trouble with the ice pushing her into the side.

Mags breaking ice at Gothersley Lock.

Below the lock there are a couple of sharp turns and it took a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to get round. By this time we were getting fed up with the hard work, so elected to cut the day short at Prestwood Bridge.

Moored at Prestwood.

At Ashwood Marina we’d passed an appropriately named boat…..

The thickness of the ice today was a bit of a surprise. Although we had a frost early last night, it was raining first thing this morning and the temperature was above freezing. Still, it’s been almost springlike today, and if it stays mild overnight the ice should be a little thinner. We’ll have another go at it tomorrow.

Locks 2, miles 1½

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