Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poised at Stourton.

We’ve had an easy couple of days, just moving up from Whittington to here at Stourton Junction. Yesterday was a miserable sort of day, grey and drizzly as we came up through Kinver.

Foamy in Whittington Lock.

We stopped in Kinver for supplies, then at the services for water and tank emptying, before going up Hyde Lock and mooring just around the corner.

Carol and George on Rock’n’Roll were celebrating their wedding anniversary, so we shared a couple of bottles of wine last night.

This morning dawned rather better, bright and sunny after a sharp frost. But alas it wasn’t to last, grey clouds were soon pushed in on a fresh breeze, making it feel cold. But at least we avoided the rain.

Leaving our overnight mooring.

Only the one lock today, at Stewpony, before we topped off the water tank and turned around at the bottom of the junction to moor for the night.

Up Stewpony Lock

Moored below the Stourton Junction.

We’re looking at a heavy day tomorrow. We intend to get up to Merry Hill, going up 28 locks over 6 miles. This is the most we’ll have done in one day for quite some time. Should be fun…..

Today we’ve seen another sign of an imminent Spring. Three other boats on the move, two of which were hire boats out of Worcester! The river must have gone down, then.

Sue and Vic have got their second new Axiom propeller on today, and are cautiously pleased with it’s performance.

Locks 4, miles 3

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Adam said...

We've tried to do this route into Birmingham a couple of times, and been thwarted by various things, so I'm looking forward to the next few blogs.

Caxton and Matilda Rose are up that way coming down, too, so you'll probably pass them at some stage.