Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Nothing much to report, we're still stuck at Gailey. Let the New Year in with George and Carol from NB Rock'n'Roll, a good night.
I'd saved a bottle of Rioja from a few years ago, for a special occassion, and, as we'd already finished one that George had brought round, decided the time had come.
Should have been suspicious when the cork broke in two trying to get it out. The wine had gone off, tasting vinegary.
Disappointed or what!

What a shame.....
So it was back to a bottle of Merlot, followed by a drop of the old "Water of Life" to toast the new year.

Anyway, all the best for this year, particularly for the continuous cruisers like us. You never know, we might even get moving later this week......

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