Sunday, December 26, 2010

All Over

That’s it. Another one over, just all the cold turkey sandwiches, turkey pie, turkey soup, turkey fritters etc. to get through. Not to mention all of those brussel sprouts.....

Hope you all had a good day, especially those like us, stuck in the ice. I know we’re fortunate in where we are, with access to facilities just up the lock. Some are not so lucky, but are coping.

We had a very pleasant evening with George and Carol on Christmas Eve just before a night of -25° C! I’m glad I wasn’t buzzing around on a sleigh. I wonder if Santa has cab heating?

It’s going to take some time and warmer temperatures before there’s any serious movement around the network. The ice on the sections that have been untouched for over well over a week now must be 4 or 5 inches thick.

We didn’t have snow but there was still plenty left over from earlier in the week.
Does “old” snow count for a white Christmas?
The birds have enjoyed having us here, all three boats have feeders out, attracting all sorts.
A pair of Grey Wagtails are getting very tame.
They mooch about near the waste pipe from the galley sink, hoovering up any food scraps from the washing up.
I guess they’ll miss us when we’re gone, but they should have access to their normal foraging then.

Meg is pleased that we’ve found a suitable field for ball throwing…..
Locks 0, miles 0

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Maffi said...

You are right bird feeders attract allsorts including rats. Which is why it is best to put bird feeders on the otherside of the canal.