Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going for it.....

I‘ve been up to Gailey today, following the towpath, checking on ice conditions.

Some places are almost clear…..
While others look quite thick.

After coffee with Chas and Ann, and a chat with George as well, we’ve made the momentous decision to attempt to get to Gailey tomorrow.
All being well we’ll join them there mid afternoon. It could be quite a slow trip, but at least all 5 of the locks are clear of ice.

I’m really looking forward to it, 17 days looking at the same scenery is not conducive to my mental stability!

I’ve broken some of the ice around the bow, and it looks to be about an inch thick. We can cope with that. We should leave it till Thursday, letting another day of mildish weather work on the ice, but the forecast for the back end of the week is poor, so we’ll make it tomorrow.

Wish us luck…..

Locks….Oh, why bother!


Adam said...

Good to know that the ice is clearing. Some of Debdale's other owners were due to begin the rescue operation today, to try to get her back from Tixall Wide to Norbury. With luck, they'll be able to get through -- watch out for them!

Sue said...

You can do it!... I guess you have done a good reckie knowing you, and maybe some help will come from your friends a bit further along..

Please post tomorrow and let us know.

Good Lock Jeff!

PS Don't forget to put your award in the side bar when you get a minute..

Ted said...

Good to have you back on the move I don't make comments but I have been staying up with you two on your journey.I have traveled all over the world like this through National Geographic Magazine.I live out side of Dallas ,Texas.I am a land lover I will have to admit.Its cold here now all so But we have not had any snow yet.Have a Merry Christmas an try to stay warm.