Friday, December 10, 2010

What a difference a day makes….

24 little hours with the temperature above freezing has melted the remaining frozen snow and just about cleared the towpath of ice. The odd stubborn patch is all that remains.

Our black and white world has some colour again!
The ducks will be relieved. There’ve been valiantly keeping a couple of leads open, they can relax for a while now.

Reading the various boating blogs, the main cause for concern at the moment is emptying fresh water tanks, followed by filling loo tanks. Things you tend to take for granted if you live in a house. All being well those that are in dire straits will be able to make a dash for facilities after the weekend. The forecast indicates above zero temperatures for the next four days. Wow!
We’re OK, the service block is only 200 yards away, and Ian from across the canal on Tom’s Moorings kindly sent us a hose over the ice last night, so the water tank is full.

If the ice looks like thinning here we may well move on to Gailey before the next spell of Arctic weather. Penkridge is a fine spot to be stuck, but our next requirement will be for diesel fuel.

Meg and I had a walk to Park Bridge again today, to Midland Chandlers. I’ve been filling the time making a new bathroom cabinet, and needed some varnish. I also came back with a 25 Lt water container, useful for bringing water back to an immobilised boat. Last January I was carrying six 2 Lt bottles in a rucksack ¾ mile each way, twice a day. I don’t want to do that again.

We had company yesterday morning, Scooby and Rita off NB Festina Lente joined us for coffee.
We had an enjoyable couple of hours nattering. It’s always amazing how small the boating community seems to be. We have several boating friends in common.

I wasn’t happy with the way I’d put up the Christmas lights, so I redid them yesterday.

Down the middle instead of the sides.

Locks 0, miles 0

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