Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Slip slidin’ away…

The towpath through the village is “interesting”. An inch of solid ice, the result of Saturday’s rain on top of Friday’s snow. It’s not so bad at night or first thing in the morning, but on sunny days like today a very thin film of water melts on the surface. Extremely good lubrication….
It’s the same principal as ice skates. The passage of the blade over the ice melts it momentarily, giving almost zero friction.

Yesterday morning was pretty cold, down to -10°.

Ice on the inside of the windows behind the curtains.
We’re pretty snug, “arctic mode” duvets on the bed, and Mags and Meg sharing the hot water bottle.
I bought myself a fleece lined check shirt on the market, which Mags promptly purloined, so I’ve been up again today to get another.

I picked up some LED fairy lights as well, so we’re all festered festive now.
Sue has some non-slip soles to fit to her boots, like mini crampons. A good idea. I’ve come up with my own version….
Self tapping screws into the soles! They have to be newish boots, though. Watch out for the parquet floor!

Locks 0, miles 0. Why do I bother?

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