Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Visitors, and full tanks and bunkers.

December already! Where did the year go?
Charles and Ann (NB Moore2Life) and George and Carol (NB Rock ‘n’ Roll) made the journey across from Gailey to Penkridge today. We couldn’t let them go back without seeing them, so they came to us for lunch. Home-made soup and mince pies, with a drop of something warming. Good stuff, good company.
G & C have recently fitted one of those new Axiom props, and I quizzed them about it. They seem very satisfied with the improvement in handling, wash and noise. Sue and Vic are also pleased with theirs. I’m tempted. Have to see how the finances work out next year.

Charles and Ann, George and Carol, and of course, Mags.
I think Mags is telling Charles off about something….
And no, I hadn’t let the fire go out. They’d just got dressed ready to brave the elements when I thought of recording the event.

The coalman arrived while they were here, so I went up and unloaded at the lock, then wheeled two bags back to the boat, leaving the rest till after our guests had gone.
Meanwhile, Rita and Scooby on NB Festina Lente had been offered a water fill from a chap on NB Andromeda, on the permanent moorings on the opposite side of the canal. The hose came snaking across the ice, and they were soon filled up. Then we were offered the same hospitality, and accepted gratefully. It saved me having to start hauling my water bottles up and down the towpath tomorrow. It took the full length of his hose, plus our two, but we got there.
So now we’ve plenty of solid fuel and a full water tank. Bliss.

I think I mentioned the other day that the locals here are very friendly. This evening, out with Meg, I got chatting with a chap on the towpath, also dog-walking. It turns out that he lives on the other side of the towpath, nearer the lock. Learning that we’re on a boat, frozen in, he told me that if ever we need anything, we just have to ask. How’s about that for a Good Samaritan! With the offer of assistance from Ray and Jayne on NB No Direction as well, this has restored my somewhat jaded faith in human nature.

Lock 0, miles 0. (again)


Carol said...

Hi Mags and Geoff, Thank you so much for the very warm welcome you gave to us yesterday and for the lovely food and warming drinks! It was lovely to meet you both and hope that we shall meet up again in the not too distant future. Stay warm and safe. Carol and George.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
You're very welcome.
See you soon,