Friday, December 03, 2010

Maybe next week……

With the weather set to change over the weekend, we may get a chance to move early next week. The wind direction is due to switch from the Siberian NE that we’ve got now, to milder air from the West. The only drawback is that westerlys usually bring rain. No pleasing me, is there!

Meg and I had a very pleasant walk over to Gailey this morning to see Charles and Ann, (NB Moore2Life) and George and Carol (NB Rock ‘n’ Roll).

Another snowy scene near Offerton Boat Haven
Mist rising out of Offerton Lock chamber
Gailey, with the Roundhouse on the skyline.
It had been another very cold night, and started out misty, but by mid-morning the sun had broken through, giving us another bright day.

Yesterday, the two boats here at Gailey reversed up through the lock to fill water and fuel tanks at Gailey Wharf. The bywash from the lock is keeping the water around them relatively ice-free, unlike our situation.

We left them just before lunch, as George was getting the BBQ fired up on the towpath. Yes, you read that right……

George, Carol and BBQIt reminded me of that advert for a brand of Pro-Biotic drinking yoghurt…

We got back around 12:15, and after a cup of tea and a bite to eat, I did an engine oil change. It’s due next week, but I may as well do these jobs while we’re stuck.

While warming up the engine to thin the oil I put it in gear to see if the propwash would break up the ice. It did, but not much. It looks to be about an inch thick at the edges, probably thicker in the middle.
The operation did liberate one of Meg’s balls that she’d lost before the big freeze set in.

Another look around the extensive Penkridge market tomorrow. Thermal socks for me and one of those oh-so-fashionable Himalayan woolly hats for Mags on the shopping list.

I see the Liverpool Link Team have received an award. Well deserved. They made our trip last May very enjoyable.

Locks 0, miles 0. Taking root.


Anonymous said...

amazing what you can find on the internet been very bored at the moment and been finding out about blogs and who pooped up but you. well on the GU at bugbrooke chainsaw working overtime hope you are right about wheather as water is a issue with us stay warm regards Jackie and Tony nb Timewarp

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
Looked out for you at Fradley, but I guess you were elsewhere.....
It's supposed to get a little warmer. The ice here is thinning, might have a try at reversing to the services tomorrow.
Keep warm