Monday, December 06, 2010

Vain Hope…

Well the mild weather over the weekend lasted all of one day.
I was right about one thing though, it did bring rain! This turned the snow to slush, which was then converted to ice by the sub-zero overnight temperatures.
Ann from NB Moore2Life walked over from Gailey on Saturday morning, and we toddled off into the village to the butcher and the market.
I fixed Mags up with one of those Inca hats – Inca, not Himalayan as I said earlier. Still mountains though…. Very fetching.
Thermal socks and a fleece lined lumberjack shirt for me, as well as a new blade for my bow saw.

Today has been a bit grim. It’s stayed cold and misty all day, last night’s frost is still on the bushes.

Get that fire stoked…..

Meg and I had a walk back to Park Bridge to spend some money in Midland Chandlers. Came back with some loo blue, oil absorbent mats for the bilge, some hinges and a Canal Boat mag.
December’s issue has an article by fellow blogger Amy on NB Lucky Duck, about a trip earlier this year along The Backs in Cambridge. A good read, well done Amy.

It looks like there may be a chance to get moving after next weekend. Another period of mild weather is due starting Thursday, hopefully lasting a little longer this time.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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