Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What’s the collective noun for bloggers?

A Gossip?, a Natter? What ever it is we had one at Wheaton Aston this afternoon.

After a good walk this morning with the dogs we set off around 12:30.

The convoy moves on….

It was a grey, damp sort of day, with mist hanging above the water under the trees.

A bit up the canal we passed under the ornate Avenue Bridge, carrying the carriage road from Coven to Chillington Hall, the ancestral home of the Giffards. The avenue itself has long gone, overgrown with new trees and ground cover. Apart from the last mile or so, towards the Hall. Carol posted a pic of this last bit this morning.

Avenue Bridge

Through the village of Brewood, past the lines of moored boats at Countrywide Cruisers base and we spotted that rare beast, another moving boat! This was NB Poppy, and we were hailed as we passed – “Sue and Vic are waiting for you!”

Julie and Mark on NB Poppy

Out of Brewood cutting the canal is carried on an embankment towards Stretton Aqueduct.

Over Stretton Aqueduct

The cast iron aqueduct takes the canal over the A5. It’s less than 3 miles down the road back to Gailey, where we set off from yesterday morning. But narrowboats don’t run so well on tarmac….

The boatyard alongside the aqueduct has this unusual looking boat in the shed.

It’s been there every time we’ve come past, maybe it’s time they finished it!

We arrived in Wheaton Aston after just under 2 hours of gentle cruising, in gentle rain.

Sue and Vic were moored near the bridge, and Vic was looking out of the window as we passed.

NB No Problem

Sue was out with the dogs when we arrived, but got back shortly afterwards. Hugs all round, even the canines!

The towpath is very muddy in the village, so we’ll not be stopping longer than one night. Looks like we’ll have a four boat convoy tomorrow.

Locks 1, miles 5

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