Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grey and Misty

Although it’s been cold for the last couple of days, at least we’ve seen some sunshine. No chance today though, the fog stayed all day, making it feel damp and gloomy.

Atmospheric entrance to Cowley Tunnel

And the cutting on the other side.

We caught up with a few odd jobs while we were in Gnosall for the day yesterday, then, after shopping and watering up we pushed off, heading for Little Onn.

The sun made a feeble attempt to show it’s face at around 2, but soon gave up.

The overnight frost stayed on the trees all day.

Near High Onn the towpath switches over to the left (east), and stays on that side all the way to Autherley Junction. Bridge 26 is where the towpath crosses over, and was designed so that the tow-rope between the horse and the boat didn’t have to be detached.

Bridge 26

Heading south, the horse would be led up the ramp on the right, over the bridge and down the ramp on the left before continuing under the bridge, now on the left side of the canal.

A conventional bridge would not allow this. These are variously known as turnover, changeline or roving bridges, depending on the area of the country you’re in.

We chugged slowly past the line of moored boats at High Onn, avoiding a slightly directionally challenged tug with 3 hoppers coming the other way. They'll be heading up to Woodseaves to start clearing the rockfall there.

Canal and River Services tug, 1 hopper in front, 2 behind.

Note the truck tyre being trailed by the last hopper, in an attempt to stop it wagging it’s rear end from side to side. Not very successfully, I might add.

Approaching Little Onn Bridge we spotted a row of heads looking over the parapet. As we got closer we could see they looked familiar. Charles, Vic, Ann and Sue were still here with NP and M2L, so the gang’s all together again.

Familiar Gongoozlers.

We pulled in just past the bridge and I got a load of wood split and stacked in the cratch ready for the stove. It’s going to be cold tonight…..

Locks 0, miles 3

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