Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Good Day

The outcome of last evening’s “council of war” was that we would move on today, down to Autherley Junction and onto the Shropshire Union, there to link up with Sue and Vic on NB No Problem.

The plan was to get on the way at 10:30, but everyone was so impatient to get going that we were all up Gailey Lock by then, with only R’n’R to fill with water!

The convoy was under way just after 11:00, with us in the lead. We’d already taken the paint off our fore end moving to Gailey from Penkridge nearly 4 weeks ago, so any ice encountered couldn’t do any more damage. As it was, it was 2 miles before we saw any, and it was all thin and soft, not impeding progress at all.

Getting away from Gailey

My, it was good to be on the move again. Looking back, we’d arrived in Penkridge on Friday 5th December, initially to get Meg to the vet for her annual check-up and boosters. We finished up staying till Wednesday 15th as the ice got thicker and thicker.

The slight thaw in the middle of December gave us the opportunity to get to Gailey and join up with Ann and Charles on NB Moore2Life, and George and Carol on NB Rock’n’Roll.

Then the freezing weather closed in again, so we spent Christmas and New Year there.

The steady thaw over the last few days has thinned the ice considerably, giving us the chance to move on.

Passing Hatherton Junction, where the Hatherton Canal once linked the Staffs and Worcs with the BCN at Rumer Hill Junction on the Cannock Extension Canal.

If the Lichfield and hatherton Canals Restoration Trust have their way, the canal will be restored, and a handy link north of Birmingham reinstated.

After spending so long stationary I’d forgotten how cold it can be on the back of a narrowboat; I lost all feeling in my toes by the time we got to Autherley Junction. A short jog on the spot sorted that out, but Meg was a bit bemused.

The local cattle where surprised to see the novelty of traffic on the canal as well.

Ooh look, boats!

Truncated trees near Coven

M2L negotiates Forster Bridge on the narrows south of Coven

Autherley Junction and the right turn onto the Shroppie.

M2L in Autherley Stop Lock

Three miles up the Shroppie, now heading north, we pulled over on the good moorings between bridges 7 and 8.

Typical open views on the Shroppie.

Security Goose on duty on NB Enigma on the Wolverhampton Boat Club moorings.

The gang’s all here, mooring up on the Shroppie after a comparatively long day.

Although it’s been mild, a cool wind has made it feel colder. Still, a few alcoholic beverages soon warmed things up after we’d got tied up.

Locks 2, miles 11 – at last!

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