Thursday, January 27, 2011

A cold day going south.

A brisk north-easterly has chased us down from the Shroppie onto the Staffs and Worcs, keeping the temperature around zero.

The trouble with wind from astern is that it blows into the cabin through the back doors. I’ve tried to keep the internal door shut, but Meg likes to oscillate between me on the tiller and Mags in the cabin, so that doesn’t work. And Mags says that she likes the door open so I get some benefit from the cabin heat. One thing I can (and do) do is close the exterior doors and pull the hatch closed as far as it will go against me. Stops the draught and encourages the heat to rise around me on the way out.

An early lunch at Upper Hattons.

The Guard Goose at the Wolverhampton Boat Club has shifted boats! Now keeping a beady eye on strangers from the counter of NB Fourjays.

On Bridge 3A, a comment on the state of the towpath, or the economy?

We filled with water after Rock’n’Roll just above Autherley Junction, before dropping down the stop lock and turning right.

Approaching Autherley, R’n’R filling up.

Right to Stourport

Oh, and for those like us still using the 2006 edition of Nicholsons Guide 2 (is there a later one?) there is NO elsan disposal at the junction. Water and rubbish only. The 'bucket and chuck it' was removed?? about 4 years ago. So cross out the little bucket symbol.

The chap at Oxley Wharf obligingly let me empty a cassette down a convenient sewer manhole. Not the most elegant of solutions, but a solution nonetheless.

Even though the canal runs around the western fringes of Wolverhampton, the town doesn’t make much of an impression on the canal.

George and Carol had a bit of a run-in with some of the junior denizens of the suburbs near Bridge 63. They’d disappeared back under their stones by the time we came past.

The BCN Main Line branches off at Aldersley Junction, climbing up the ‘Wolverhampton 21’ to Horsley Fields Junction in the middle of the town.

Old stables (maybe) next to Aldersley Junction.

The canal breaks out of the built up area around the two locks at Wightwick, before meandering almost due south to Dimmingsdale, where we pulled in on the quiet offside moorings above the lock.

R’n’R leaving Wightwick Lock.

Dimmingsdale Lock moorings

We’ll be stopping here tomorrow, as the next but one lock down is closed until Saturday morning. Or at least it’s supposed to be. We had a walk there this afternoon, and there is no sign of activity and the lock appears open for navigation. I guess they must have finished early.

This has been the first proper days cruising we’ve done for a while, and it’s good to be moving with a destination in mind.

Locks 4, miles 8½

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Sue said...

I was looking for the goose, it must have been on a tea break when we passed yesterday!

Well at least you have the wind behind you.. a cat flap comes to mind for Meg..

See you soon and stay safe you both xx