Thursday, January 13, 2011

Less mud at Little Onn

We moved a short distance north today, just up to Bridge 24 at Little Onn. I had got a little fed up with having to wash Meg’s paws and legs after only a walk on the towpath. Her towels and the mats that she steps onto as she comes aboard are filthy.

So we all set off around 10:30, and arrived about 11:30. I did say it was a short distance….

Away from Wheaton Aston

It’s a shame about the towpath alongside the moorings. The village itself is pleasant and is a useful stopping off point. Alongside the canal at Bridge 19, Turner’s Garage reckons to sell the cheapest diesel on the system. We didn’t have to get any though, having filled before we left Gailey.

I did leave them with a dead alternator for repair, we’ll pick it up on the way back.

Talking about diesel, they’re now selling EN590 DERV instead of the old “gas oil”. This has an element of bio-diesel, which may give us problems due to it’s high affinity for water which could encourage “diesel bug”. This is an organic contaminant which gums up filters and injectors.

I’ve used a fuel treatment called Fuel Set for the last couple of years and will continue to do so. I hope that will be enough protection.

This article by the knowledgeable Tony Brooks is informative.

We saw two or three boats on the move today, the chap on the first did a double-take as he saw our convoy of four boats. “Where did you lot come from?”

Under the arched canopy of trees in Rye Hill Cutting.

They’re all festooned with ivy, clear to see at this time of year.

We pulled in shortly after the cutting, on a reasonable towpath for this time of year.

Mags set to making one of her world renowned ginger cakes and choc chip cookies while the rest of us took the mutts for a walk.

Out with the dogs

When we got back we all repaired to Seyella and made short work of Mags’ efforts.

Tea and cake

It’s been very mild today, with just a drop of rain this afternoon. Should be the same tomorrow, before a wet weekend. We intend to be at Norbury by then.

Locks 0, miles 1¾

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