Monday, January 24, 2011

A stop and start sort of day….

Well, we’re finally moving purposefully south, after dithering around on the Shroppie. Decision made, the Rockers and us are heading down to Stourport, and making another choice when we get there, the Lifers and the Problems are heading north up the Staffs and Worcs, then south again by way of the Trent and Mersey, Coventry and North Oxford canals.

So the caravan will be breaking up this week.

We’ve been a bit fragmented this weekend. Sue and Vic moved down to Wheaton Aston on Saturday, leaving the remaining three of us at Little Onn.

It’s been dull but dry over the weekend, today saw our first drop of rain for a while, but it’s the harbinger (what a good word!) of more unsettled weather for this week.

Long-Tailed Tits share a fat ball.

We set off last from Little Onn; the Lifers had left around 9, the Rockers pulled pins soon after 10, we toddled along in their wake nearer 11.

Looking back through Bridge 22 to Rye Hill Cutting.

The embankment approaching Wheaton Aston has stop gates at either end in case of a leak. I’m not sure how effective this one would be, though.

A bit rotten….

First stop was Wheaton Aston where we caught up with George and Carol filling with diesel at Turner’s.


We pulled in and I went shopping, then we moved across onto the garage wharf to fill up and reclaim my repaired alternator.

Next stop was at the water point, catching up with the Rockers again.

We’d passed M2L, Chas and Ann had caught the bus to shop in Stafford.

After filling and emptying as required we followed R‘n’R up the lock, overtaking them when they pulled in for a loo pump-out at Countrywide Cruisers just north of Brewood.

These 2 guys were interested in making Meg’s acquaintance.

Hello Boys…

Good job they hadn’t spotted this chap on the embankment….


We had to stop again in Brewood (I’d forgotten the eggs), but then pushed on without further interruptions, arriving at the good moorings between bridges 7 and 8 at just before 4.

Brewood Church dominates the village from the south.

Reflections on the ornate Avenue Bridge.

No Problem was already there but empty, Sue, Vic and the K9s were out for a walk.

NP moored.

Rock’n’Roll arrived shortly after, so 3 of the gang are here. M2L should arrive tomorrow, so we can spend a day or so together before heading our separate ways.

Locks 1, miles 7

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