Monday, April 19, 2010

Who’s got a shiny bottom, then!

Seyella went in to Orchard Marina’s dock on Friday as planned, and we headed north in a bright red Astra courtesy of Enterprise.

We spent the weekend with friends Val and John, Mags and Val were off doing the retail therapy bit, while John and I were doing a bit of carpentry, fitting 2 doors.

They have a 15 month old wire-haired dachsund called Harry, and he just loves trying to swing off Meg’s beard or ears. Meg wasn’t so keen but she’s very tolerant, only warning him off when his attentions got particularly intense. There’re also 2 cats in the household, needless to say they kept their heads down during the visit.
All in all though, the animals enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Dinner time, Suki looks on from the high ground.
John and Val. Harry’s not spoiled, not really….
The boat was finished last night and refloated this morning, so we arrived back at Rudheath at 11:30. We transferred the boot full of stuff to the boat (how come you always bring back more than you left with?) topped off the water and emptied a loo, paid the bill (ouch!) and we were on our way, gingerly creeping through the narrow entrance out of the mooring basin.

We turned right and 20 minutes later were moored on the flashes.

Smart, eh.
I’ve still got the interior doors to finish, and I picked up some timber to make up some more bookshelves, so I’ll be busy in between cruising for a few days.

And I’ve had 3 weeks off running to give my torn muscle a chance to heal properly. Back on my training plan tomorrow, fingers crossed! I’ll be taking it steady for 3 days, then hitting the speedwork if all’s well.
Manchester city centre 10k on the 16th May......

Locks 0, miles 2.

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