Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving on – a bit.

We’ve spent the last couple of days moored at the flashes, watching the world go by. It’s been fine, although there’s been a cold northerly.
I’ve spent the time constructing new bookshelves and working on the door panels. All are getting there, now.

The right side cabin doors needed some remedial surgery, though.

Work required. Not Mags, the doors!

The steel cases of the doors have MDF panels glued in. Although it’s the better (green) variety, it’s still MDF and moisture has got in, causing them to swell at the bottom.
I’ve had to cut out the damaged bits and have replaced them with WBP ply, sealed with 2 coats of varnish. Should last a bit longer, now.

I started training again on Tuesday, starting gently with a 3 miler to see how my leg held up, 4½ miles faster yesterday and 7 today. Looking good. I’ll start speed work on Saturday.

I see we’ve contrails in the sky again as the airline industry gets in gear after the volcanic ash. Just in time for the organisers of the London Marathon. There are quite a few big names flying in for the event, and it would have been a disaster if they couldn’t get here.

Our main contender and runner-up last year, Mara Yamauchi, lives in Japan with her husband. But she was training at altitude in Albuquerque. It took her 6 days to get here, arriving Monday. If she’d left it another couple of days…

The wind dropped today as the high pressure area sits squarely on top of northern England. Under clear skies it’s been a lovely day, and we moved on down to nearer Middlewich, at Bridge 177.

Leaving the flashes

Over the Dane valley.

Meg and I took a walk into town to the DIY store this afternoon for a few bits and pieces. We’ll be heading through the town tomorrow, but now we’ll only have to stop once, for a tank full of the red stuff at Kings Lock.

Locks 0, miles 3

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Sissy said...

Are you certain it was contrails? Or was it chemtrails. These are the ones that linger and cover the whole sky. Contrails here disappear quickly. I sat on the porch last summer one day watching them being laid out in an X pattern and soon there was "something" falling on me. Google them and see what you find.
Only one time I know they have been mentioned by a weatherman one night. A surprise to me. We are kept in the dark about much "goings on" by the PTB here in my country. You in England probably know more about us than we ever will know. Yikes!