Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Locks to Hassall Green

We spent yesterday at Wheelock, doing bits and bobs. It was a mixed sort of day, sunny spells and showers, so I couldn’t do much outside.
One job done was to retrieve all the books from nooks and crannies around the boat and fill the new bookshelves. Might have to adjust the trim though, now. We seem to have developed a list to port starboard... to the right, anyway.

We bought Meg a new bed from the Pet Superstore just across the road this morning. The old one was getting a bit tatty but I don’t think she’s very impressed with the replacement. She’s not used it yet, but she’ll have to; the old one went in the bin at Wheelock.

Vacant bed. Meg prefers the floor under Mag’s chair.
Another cool morning today leading to a fine warm afternoon. It’s always a problem this time of year. Do you light the fire in the evening to keep the boat warm for the morning? Or leave it laid ready to light if required? Or not bother with it and put the heating on? Decisions, decisions.

It was nearly noon by the time we set off, but we were still moored at Hassall Green by 14:00.

We only met a one boat in the locks today, near the bottom.

Swapping Locks.
Past Malkins Bank showing off the fresh hull blacking.
Last lock of the day, No 57 with the shop and café in the background.
Today has been the most energetic bit of windlass winding I’ve done for some time. Really enjoyed it actually.

Proposals to retain wharfs in Leeds for their original use, rather than turning over the land for redevelopment, have received a boost. The Yorkshire Evening Post carries the story.

Locks 10, miles 2

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