Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Off down the river

Yesterday was cool and windy, so we hung on for better weather today before moving off downstream.
Although the forecast was for cloud and sunny spells, as soon as we got under way it started to rain!

Just half a mile away was Saltersford Lock, occupied by a gaggle of boats coming up, so we pulled over onto the holding mooring.

Saltersford Lock
A 15 minute wait and the boats were on their way, including our Lift buddies Mike and Ruth on NB Waterwolf….
Then 20 minutes later so were we, in the opposite direction.

The rain had stopped and we were getting odd glimpses of the sun by the time we passed under Acton Swing Bridge.

Acton Bridge
Arriving at Dutton Lock at lunchtime, we had to wait for the lockie to finish his meal before he could lock us down, then we were on the best stretch of the river, heading towards Frodsham.

MV Chica (again!)
There were 4 or 5 boats waiting for the lock as we came out. It looks like everyone is going the other way today!
Under Dutton Railway Viaduct
On the river towards Frodsham
We stopped at what is arguably the best mooring on the river, at Devil’s Garden.

Moored at Devil’s
Why it’s called that I don’t know, but the extensive field alongside meant Meg thought all her birthdays had come at once!

The weather improved through the day, although staying windy we had bright sunshine all afternoon.

Panorama of the mooring. We’re on the right.
The boat in the middle isn’t really broken, it’s a quirk of the merging software.

The other 2 boats here have come up through Marsh Lock this morning. They’d been at the boat gathering at Ellesmere Port, and used the Manchester Ship Canal from there as an alternative to going back down the Shropshire Union.

We’ll probably stay here tomorrow, then head down to Weston Point before heading back upstream.

Locks 2, miles 6.


Sissy said...

A hunk a heaben that meadow appears. Gorgeous place there. No wonder Mags rejoiced! Wish I could be with you folks.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Sissy
It certainly is, and we've had it all to ourselves today (Thursday). Lots of splendid walking around the Cheshire countryside away from the river as well.