Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two short days.

Yesterday was a run downriver to meet our Tesco delivery at Acton Bridge. It was busy on the moorings there, but we managed to sneak on in front of the water point. We wanted to fill up anyway.

Before we left we said our goodbyes to Bill and Ginny, and Terry.
NB Wilvir and NB Little Billy H heading up towards Northwich.Enjoy the river, guys.

An excellent view of the Anderton Lift and the trip boat, the Edwin Clark.
After putting away the provisions we turned around and headed back to moor in a delightful spot below Saltersford Lock.

This morning we waited till 11:00 for any other boats to share the lock with, but none were forthcoming.
Yesterday we were the only boat through this lock, as we headed for Acton Bridge.

Into Saltersford Lock
And out the other end.The lock keeper was just closing up behind us as NB Henry appeared from ahead of us, so he’s got at least twice as many customers today as yesterday!

We arrived at the Boat Lift around midday, got a booking for 13:00, and were moored on the visitor moorings by 14:00.

Once again we travelled solo, even the opposite caisson going down was empty.

In the lift.
At least a dove kept us company.
I guess riding up 50’ is easier than flying.

There’s lots of wildlife on the river, but this startling duck(?) At Weaverham is the most unusual!
It’s been a mixed sort of day, starting warm and sunny, cloudy and cool in the middle but now it’s a fine evening.

It's a lot busier up here on the canal. I reckon we've seen more boats go past this afternoon than all the previous week.

We’ve heard tell of snow forecast for next week! I’ll have to go back to long trousers!

Locks 2, miles 8½


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi guys, good to see you all still enjoying life to the full although I think throwing yourself into the Weaver is a bit excessive, Geoff! Hopefully our paths will cross again before too long.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi all
Actually it was quite pleasant, not as cold as I expected it to be!
Good to hear from you, hope you're all well.
Will look out for you on our travels.