Friday, April 23, 2010

Stuffed at Kings Lock

We got off reasonably early today, planning to get to Wheelock (maybe) tonight.

Croxton Aqueduct carries the canal over the River Dane.It used to be wider, to allow wider barges access to the town, but the original stone structure was replaced by the steel span just over 8’ wide.

Big Lock was against us when we arrived, and by the time I’d emptied it we’d been joined by a solo gentleman on NB Bramble.
We pulled over on the wharf for water, then joined the queue at the 3 locks.There was a bit of a hold up, with a boat being moved from Middlewich Boats to the dry dock in the flight. Water had to be brought down to get the level right to get the boat in.

In Middlewich 3 Locks
After the short flight we pulled onto Kings Lock Chandlery for diesel, at 68ppl for domestic use and self declaration allowed, our 130 litres cost just under £100. Still, it’ll last a month.

Going up Kings Lock at around 12:15 we were tantalised by the aromas of fish and chips.Kings Lock chippy was very good, went downhill a bit but has now regained it’s former quality. We couldn’t resist, we’ve not indulged ourselves for a while.
The cod was as good as expected, the chips were fresh and abundant, and we were pretty bloated by the time we’d finished.
So instead of pushing on we elected to stay put. OK, we’re alongside the busy main road, but it’s handy for the shops in the morning.

I spent a couple of hours putting up the new bookshelves I’ve been working on, and finally fitting 2 pairs of door liners.

New bookshelves…. Now to fill them. Shouldn’t be too difficult, we’ve got books stashed in the most unlikely places aboard.

Talking of books, I finished Fred Coppenhall’s Fools and Villains the other day.
Fred is the lock keeper at Dutton on the Weaver. The book is enjoyable, a lot of seemingly unrelated characters to keep tabs on all come together at the end. I’ll be looking out for his second, now.

Locks 5 miles 2¼

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