Monday, April 12, 2010

Friends at Anderton

We were in no rush this morning, just a run down to Northwich to empty the loos, then back downstream to moor below Saltersford Lock.
Around 10 we heard a large engine, and a BW work boat passed, 2 tugs and 2 pans heading downstream. Barry, 1 of the lock keepers, gave us a shout as they went past.

Hiho, hiho, it's off to work we go....
We got away a bit later, following 3 boats that had come through Saltersford. I bet our convoy of 4 was the most boats on one stretch so far this year…

We got us a convoy….
We lost 2 as they turned in to go up the lift….

And followed the leader up to Northwich were we had to queue for the services.

Waiting at Town Bridge.
When we were here a couple of years ago the unique 3 star Floating Hotel was still moored near the River Dane inlet. It looked a bit dilapidated and had been closed for business for a while.

Northwich Flotel in it’s heyday at The website points out that “We're sorry, but it is currently not possible to make reservations for this hotel.”

It was dismantled late last year, and now all that remains are the pontoons that supported the structure.

We got the necessaries done and headed back downstream. On the way past the lift we’d spotted a boat we recognised,NB Wilvir. They’d come down from the canal this morning in company with their friend Terry.
We pulled in alongside for a catch up chat which went on so long that we’ve finished up stopping here tonight.

It’s good to see the Edwin Clark well patronised.
We’ve got a Tesco delivery arriving at Acton Bridge tomorrow at noon, so we’ve plenty of time to get there in the morning.

It was a chilly night and cool morning, but the sun broke through soon after noon and it’s been another fine, warm afternoon. Probably the last for a few days, though, looking at the forecast.

Locks 0, miles 4

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