Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a beautiful day…

We have a rule that we don’t generally move on a weekend. But this time of year it’s so quiet, especially on the Leicester Section, that the reasons aren’t really relevant. I’m glad we did decide to move else we’d have missed a spectacular day’s cruising.

I started the day taking Meg for a bracing 4½ mile walk to Welford and back, for a newspaper. The low sun put all the countryside into sharp relief.

Welford Wharf
Welford Junction
Then after breakfast we set off, heading to a stop at North Kilworth Wharf for diesel. I’d rung yesterday to confirm that we’d be able to declare our propulsion/domestic consumption split. Some suppliers, to make it easier for them, are insisting boaters buy at a fixed 60%/40%. Luckily most are allowing self declaration. Otherwise this would have cost us an extra £24 for today’s fill. Very pleasant people here, and the fuel isn't a bad price, either!

North Kilworth Wharf
I spent most of the £24 on 2 bags of smokeless and a Canal Boat magazine!

The remainder of the trip was spent (mainly) in glorious sunshine, but with a breath of a cold breeze. The fine weather had brought a lot of towpath walkers out and about, including a couple of shooting parties.

Approaching Laughton Hills
Through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel I noticed these odd stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Mostly they’re pale coloured, but these are red.

Odd Stals
Back into daylight
But we only saw 3 other boats moving, and 2 of those were Canaltime boats out of Union Wharf.

A Canaltime boat appears around the corner
I was tempted to pull over at a likely spot near Lubbenham Lodge Bridge, but we’d planned to get to the top of Foxton Locks so pressed on, mooring just before Gumley Road Bridge, ½ a mile above the flight.

It’s certainly cooling down now that the sun has set. We didn’t have a frost last night, but I think it’s likely tonight.

Last Sunday, while heading for Foxton, a gentleman called Chris Mann caught us on camera. This is one of his excellent shots. Thanks, Chris. They’re intending to do the same as us in a few years. Look forward to seeing you…..
Locks 0, Miles 7

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Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff and Mags, thanks for the mention in the blog. You'll need to stoke up the fire tonight there's a strong possibility of snow (looks out of window to see a clear starlit sky) according to the weatherman anyway!