Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another breezy day

Windy? Yes. Cold? Not particularly. I think we’re saving that up for tomorrow.

I took Meg for a walk across the fields towards Welford this morning. Beautiful long views open up as you climb up onto the ridge alongside the canal.
As I mentioned yesterday, the way markers are not a patch on the yellow posts in Leicestershire….
We got away a bit earlier today, 10:15. The canal continues to wind it’s tortuous way through the rolling Northamptonshire countryside. As the crows flies (gets blown?) we’ve gone 5 miles today. By canal it’s over 8.

It’s a very pretty stretch of canal up here on the summit, but I think budget constraints are starting to bite a bit. You’d be struggling to pass if you met boats in some areas.

Machete Time?

And Bridge 32 hasn’t got any better since No Problem came up this way a couple of weeks ago.

We intended to cruise down to Crack’s Hill, wind (turn around) there, and come back up to Yelvertoft to get some essential supplies. But the moorings approaching the village were pretty crowded, some designated winter moorings on the 14 day section.

Approaching Yelvertoft.
So we moored just past the winding hole below Crack’s Hill.
Toddled off to the village with Meg, it’s only about 1½ miles from here. The Post Office/General Store is one of those that seems to have almost everything. It’s shops like this that’ll be hit hardest if the Government continues to close the PO counters.

Back with milk and bread, and some fresh fish cakes for tea. Haven’t had fish cakes for years…
Oops! Sorry, Greygal. I’ve done it again.

I’ll have a walk up the hill tomorrow before we set off back towards Foxton. As we’re so close, it’d be churlish not to, wouldn’t it?

Locks 0, miles 8½


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

You're definitely pushing your luck! :-)

Geoff and Mags said...

Ok, Ok. I promise, no more food related comments. Until after lunch, anyway.:-)