Monday, November 03, 2008

Hamilton gets a result, we have a short cruise, the dogs get a long walk.

Well that’s another month gone. We didn’t get beset by the undead on our quiet mooring over the weekend; it was all pretty boring really.
I had a couple of good long walks with Meg, one of which took me on the horse path over Saddington Tunnel, to where No Problem was moored. Had a cup of tea and a natter with Sue and Vic, and arranged to join them today, before heading back to Seyella.

Saturday’s weather was horrible, wet and windy for the most part, but yesterday wasn’t too bad. The canal level has risen by 4 or 5 inches. Had to time Megs afternoon walk so as not to coincide with the Brazilian Grand Prix. I think it was one of the most nerve jangling final races of the season I have ever watched. For those who were on Mars yesterday, Lewis Hamilton clinched the F1 World Championship by just 1 point, in the last couple of corners of the race.
What a way to end a season!
I felt a bit sorry for Felipe Massa, the Brazilian driver Hamilton had to beat. As he crossed the line in first position, he was sure he’d done enough to take the title. But Hamilton’s last minute gain of a place over Timo Glock gave him the 1 point needed to win.
Full report from ITV here.

As arranged, we moved the couple of miles to join Sue and Vic this morning. Just 10 minutes away from our mooring was Saddington Tunnel. In retrospect, I should have left stoking the fire till after we’d gone through…..

Heading to Saddington Tunnel
In the tunnel
The southern tunnel cutting
I’ve got a vague idea now what it must have been like for steam engine drivers in railway tunnels.

Why the long faces…?

Another 15 minutes and we saw No Problem ahead.
Pulling in just in front, we were greeted by the dogs Lucy and Meg.

Lucy and a pair of Megs

We took the dogs for a long walk over the fields to Kibworth Beauchamp, via Smeeton Westerby

Smeeton Westerby Church
I love the names of the villages around here. We’ve got a Gumley, too.

We’d not long settled down for the afternoon when Sue came to tell us they were moving back to Foxton today, right this minute. Something we’d said?, No, they’d got hold of a Boat Safety Examiner to meet up and check the boat out for it’s 4 yearly certificate. But it would be tomorrow. So they went up to the tunnel, winded and headed back up the canal.

Heading for an appointment with destiny….. Good Luck! I hope the examination is “No Problem”!
We’ll follow them up tomorrow, and either congratulate or commiserate as appropriate.

Locks 0, miles 2

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