Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting Colder…..Break out the winter woolies!

The wind got up overnight and backed to the north. A lot colder this morning than of late. Meg and I took a stroll up Crack’s Hill as planned. Pretty blowy on top!

Crack’s Hill
Looking West, Seyella near the middle of the frame.

Windswept Meg
There’s a surfaced bridleway running from Yelvertoft to Crick, running just to the east of the hill, so we got back to the boat in an unusually clean condition!

We were on the move at 09:40, and had an uneventful cruise back up to Welford, arriving at around 13:30.
I made a note of a couple of pleasant out of the way mooring spots on the way. There’s good moorings near Hemplow Hills, with, I expect, some good walks nearby.

Near Bridge 27

Bridge 34, red brick and typical of the crossings on this section.

Most boaters make do with a bike!

It’s been pretty windy, but not too bad on the water. The hedgerows act as an effective windbreak. I wonder if that’s why they were planted. I wouldn’t like to be on the Shroppie though, with it’s high, exposed embankments.

One hazard at this time of year is the leaves floating on and just below the surface of the water. No, they don’t just affect the railways. The “soup” is thick enough in some places to clog the propeller.

Leaf Soup
Locks 0, miles 9½

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