Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Good news for No Problem

Just another short hop today; 3 miles to Foxton.
The day started grey and damp, but brightened up considerably in the afternoon, with spells of watery sunshine.

Saddington Reservoir feeder near our mooring.

With only a short distance to go, we didn’t move off until gone 11, and had a very gentle meander along this winding, shallow stretch. With reed beds and overhanging trees, the 2 miles to Debdale Wharf are more like a river than a canal. I suppose that’s part of its charm.

Overgrown banks and reed beds.
We arrived at Foxton around 13:00, filled with water then moved back a bit onto the visitor moorings.

Foxton Visitor Mooring.

Then I went off to find out how No Problem had fared with it’s BSC inspection. The boat was moored below the locks, near the café, and both Sue and Vic were all smiles. Just a minor modification to the cabinetry in the galley for access to the gas pipe, everything else was fine. Considering the extent of the internal changes they made when they bought the boat, they’ve done well.

From Rainbow Bridge, No Problem on the right.
Harboro’ Arm Junction, the new swing bridge in the centre.
I left them to tidy up, and they reversed back to moor next to us later in the afternoon. A walk with the dogs took us till dusk.
Locks 0, miles 3

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