Friday, November 14, 2008

Two short cruises.

Things went just a little pear-shaped with the deliveries on Wednesday. I was out with Meg when the phone rang at 07:50. It was the coal man, looking for us at Black Horse Bridge. I’d arranged the delivery for around lunchtime, which Mags made clear to the chap in no uncertain terms! He said he’d another run to do in the area, so would get back to us after lunch.

So we toddled off towards Foxton, arriving at Black Horse Bridge 20 minutes later. The Tesco delivery (mainly dog food) arrived at noon, followed by the smokeless at 13:30.

On the way for the deliveries.

Then it was a matter of going up to the junction to turn around to head back. So up and back through both of the swing bridges.

New swing bridge at the junction

We moved on to about ½ way along the arm, mooring up about an hour before No Problem arrived, Sue and Vic having been down to Union Wharf for water.

Yesterday we intended to go to the wharf ourselves, but I decided to have a 10½ mile run first thing, followed by a long walk with Meg, and frankly I didn’t have the energy!

So we spent the day stationary, then this morning set off to the end of the arm. It was a lot nicer today anyway. Quite warm, sunny spells and a gentle breeze.

We had to wait a bit for the service point to be vacated. I’d forgotten that the Canaltime/Tillerman base has a few boats out on Fridays, so they were busy preping the craft to go out. But, including a trip into town for essentials, we were back to our previous spot by 15:00.

On our own now, No Problem having moved back towards Foxton.
Sue, on her blog, mentioned the long gardens of the houses on the outskirts of Market Harborough. Evidence of a more rural past can be seen, some of the trees surrounded by a wrought iron fence to protect them from long gone sheep and cattle.
A fine sunset promises a good day tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 5

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