Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Tesco man cometh, and we go a bit further north.

Yesterday we moved the mile or so to Black Horse Bridge to await the arrival of our groceries. I usually get the quantities right, so when I ordered 1 for the carrots, I expected 1Kg. Yes, you guessed it…..

One Carrot!
Still, it was a fairly big one….
Makes up for the time I ordered 5Kg by mistake. At least I like carrots.

We decided not to move any further, just shuffled along a bit to nearer No Problem.

Moored near Foxton
Today we set off down to the junction, where I visited the services to empty and fill things as required. Then across to the shop for a Calor gas bottle to replace the one that ran out earlier in the week. We find that a 13kg bottle lasts us about 3 months.

Across the junction, No Problem moored outside Bridge 61.
I don’t remember mentioning that Foxton Boat Services yard has closed, and the site has been cleared. I don’t know why, or what plans there are for the land. The shop at the bottom of the flight is still open, and the passenger trip boat "Vagabond" is on it's normal mooring, but the displaced hire boats are moored near the junction, I guess looking for new homes. The website is still up and running.

Displaced FBS boats. All tied up and nowhere to go....

We had a gentle cruise to a mooring we’ve used before, near the feeder from Saddington reservoir.

Moored for the night.
It’s been a bit breezy, but not as wet as forecast. In fact we’ve only had a couple of drizzly spells, and it’s been quite bright in between.

We seem to have mislaid Sue and Vic. They were stopping at Debdale Wharf to discuss a new battery bank. I guess it must have taken longer than expected.
They’ll probably catch up tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 3½


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I once ordered a pack of hacksaw blades from Screwfix and they sent one. They still managed to charge for a pack

Geoff and Mags said...

We didn't do so badly then. Got charged 16p our lonely carrot!