Friday, November 07, 2008

A steady few days…

We’ve spent the last few days at Foxton, just down from the Harboro’ Arm Junction. The weather hasn’t been too bad, Sue and I have had the dogs out on long walks most days around the countryside.
It’s really very pleasant around here, and the footpaths are well marked, if a bit muddy sometimes.

Around Foxton
Caution, sheep crossing… Dusk at the pubs. Foxton Locks In on the left, Bridge 61 centre right.
Bedraggled Meg. But she enjoyed the walk. St Helens Church, Gumley
Foxton Lock Flight
Sculpture at the top of the flight
Mo and Vanessa on Balmaha arrived on Wednesday, so we’ve now got 3 Bloggers in a row.
No Problem, us and then Balmaha.

Noticed that Meg has got a sore paw this morning. It looks like a blister between 2 toes, but it isn’t making her limp. She got zapped on an electric fence yesterday, and it might be a burn from where the charge earthed. We’ll keep an eye on it. I’m sure there’ll be a vet around here if we need one.

We moved on down the arm today to Union Wharf, near Market Harborough. Needed to empty the loo tanks, and get a bit of shopping.
Sue and Vic came a short way with us, but stopped at Black Horse Bridge to meet a delivery from Tesco.

Through the new swing bridge at Foxton.
Autumn colours near Gallows Hill Bridge

We arrived at the wharf around 13:00, used the services and then arranged for a pontoon mooring overnight. There have been a few Canaltime boats out this afternoon, making a bit of space.

Union Wharf
Today has been fine and sunny, but the cool wind has steadily freshened. It’s supposed to be “brisk” tomorrow.

We’re only stopping here tonight. In the morning we’ll head out back down the arm, and find somewhere quiet for the weekend.

Locks 0, miles 5½

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