Friday, July 06, 2007

Wet and windy overnight, but finally brightening up around 07:00, just in time for my morning run.

We pulled pins at 09:45, and were through Ivy House lift bridge by 10:30, but a heavy shower made us dive for a mooring immediately after. 10 minutes (and a cup of coffee) later, and we were on the move again.
Down through Hanley, where the redevelopment continues apace, through Hanley Park with good moorings (though I’m not sure I’d want to use them overnight), and Planet Lock.

At least they left the bottle kilns up…
Hanley Park
Then on to the Etruria staircase and back onto the T&M around 12:00

Bottom chamber of the staircase, Mags being daft!
The 5 Stoke locks were as much fun as always, heavy to use and in uninspiring locations. A high point was meeting the pair CLEMATIS and GIFFORD coming out of Lock 37

A low point was waiting in a queue of 4 boats, in the rain, to go down the incredibly slow bottom lock.

A good run through occasional showers took us to and through Trentham lock, and on to a mooring near bridge 104. We’ve stayed here several times without any problems, but were told by a chap already here that 3 moored boats had their ropes cut last night, setting them adrift. This was just up the canal, near the lock. Hope it was an isolated incident, as we’d intended to stay here for the weekend.

Locks 9, miles 8½

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