Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Checked the flood level indicator this morning, the water has dropped about 8 inches overnight, but it’s still in the red. There have been one or two boats moving in both directions this morning, and even a couple last night, but we’re not prepared to chance it just yet.

All change this afternoon, though. Even with the occasional heavy showers, the water continues to fall, and we’ve had a flotilla of Canaltime boats going past in both directions. I guess if the marina thinks that it’s safe for hire boats, we can give it a go.
But we’ll wait till tomorrow morning, now, and have a good run up the Soar.

Spent the morning working in the engine bay. Cleaned out the bilge, re-aligned the engine to the shaft and reset the stern gland. Then checked the gearbox and batteries. All set to go, now. Keeping our fingers (and a lot of other things) crossed that the river(s) don’t flood again overnight.

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