Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off at 10:15 today. Overcast but dry, but threatening rain for later. A gentle 1½ hour run down to Hazelhurst, then down to Endon services on the main line. Followed this by a quick visit to the Spar shop, and pressed on to Stockton Brook.
The 5 locks took some time to pass, all were against us so needed filling before we could go in, but we were passing the waterworks again around 14:00.

The Victorian Waterworks at the bottom of Stockton Brook flight.
There were a few drops of rain in the wind, but nothing to worry about.

We were lucky at Long butts lift bridge, a boat was just coming through as we arrived, and they were kind enough to wave us straight through.

Norton Green lift bridge, followed by Engine lock, and the rain came on. The last ¾ hour was spent in heavy and persistent rain, before we finally moored near bridge 16 at around 4 o’clock.

Val took this photo of Meg while she and Neil were visiting from Canada. Better than any I've taken.

Locks 6, miles 7

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