Thursday, July 12, 2007

We knew that Fradley would be busy, so we got off a little earlier than normal, went down through the first 3 locks to the sanitary station, did the essentials then cleared the last 2 in the flight by 10:15.

I know BW are a bit strapped for cash, but getting this out of retirement is a bit unfair..
Common, Bagnall and Alrewas locks took us onto the river section were the Trent enters the canal for a short while. This bit was closed because of high water earlier in the week, and the debris on the weirs shows why!

Alrewas Weir
Alongside the A38 was noisy as usual, and past Barnton Turns marina. The development of hotel and retail outlets is coming on apace here, as well.

Barton Turns Marina
Arrived at Branston Water Park at around 13:30, where I had a bit of a to-do.
While sorting out the stern line to tie up, my foot went down a hole in the bank and I lost my balance. I don’t remember much about what happened next, but I finished up standing IN the canal on my right leg, my left still on the bank, a lump on my head from head-butting the counter of the boat (not recommended) and my hat jauntily floating off down the canal.
Luckily it was one of those times when there was no-one around to watch!
Anyway, I recovered my hat (and dignity) and finished off tying up before getting changed. A scrape on my left calf along with some bruising could have been a lot worse.

Locks 11, miles 7½

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