Monday, July 09, 2007

From the last posting, we intended to stay between Trentham and Barlaston for the weekend, but moved on to nearer Stone on Saturday morning. The chap on the boat in front of us had had 3 mops stolen from his cabin roof overnight (though why he needed 3 I tactfully decided not to ask). We’d not had any trouble, nor heard anything, and there were far more valuable things about than mops, so I guess it was probably kids.
Still, it’s a shame. This is a spot we’ve used several times in the past, but we’ll now be reluctant to use it again.

We found a good mooring about a mile out of Stone, opposite the new housing development. Good satellite reception meant I was able to watch Lewis Hamilton take 3rd at Silverstone on Sunday. Shame he didn’t win, but isn’t he doing well! (I’m talking about Formula I, by the way).

Into Stone on Monday, very busy. Had to queue for every lock, and couldn’t find anywhere to moor close enough for our customary stroll through the town. So we moored on the end of the 5 day section and I made a quick dash up to Morrisons for essentials. We also filled with diesel at Stone Boat Builders, and did the required sanitary bits and pieces.
Moved on and stopped after Aston lock, near bridge 88
Oh, and as usual in Stone, it rained.

Cloudscape near Stone

Locks 9, Miles 7½ (since Friday)

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