Monday, July 16, 2007

The last leg on the Trent and Mersey today, with the broad locks down to Derwent Mouth to go through.
We shared the first 3 with a couple on a canaltime boat, but we carried on when they stopped for lunch.
When we were in Aston lock I rang BW to find out the flood position on the Trent and Soar, and found out that the Trent is closed, but the Soar is open.
We’d planned to overnight just above Derwent Mouth lock, so stuck to the plan and moored around 14:30. The flood warning lights are on red at Shardlow, and the level indicator at the lock is well into the red zone, so I guess we’re stuck here for a bit. The weather is showing signs of improvement though, so maybe it won’t be too long….

Flood level indicator at Derwent Mouth lock
Derwent Mouth, lots of water!
Locks 5, miles 9½.

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