Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad weather forecasted for Saturday night and Sunday encouraged us to stay in the marina for another couple of days. In the event, the rain was not as bad as predicted. I think the weathermen were just being cautious, covering their a***s.

So early today (well, early by our standards), we moved from the mooring and onto the dock in the marina, where we filled with diesel and water, and emptied the loos. Here we also picked up our passengers. Sue and Trevor joined us for the day.

Picking up fuel and waiting for passengers.

We had a good day, first of all up to Birstall for supplies, then downstream through Thurmaston lock and the next 3, to finish up just above Mountsorrel lock. The level indicators at the locks were still on the amber. I think it’s going to be a few days before they’re back in the green.

Cossington Lock, just after lunch

Moored at Mountsorrel

The weather has been good, sunny with a breeze from the north-ish. The forecast is good for the rest of the week. Looks like summer may finally be upon us….. S & T enjoyed the day, it’s the first time Trev’s been on a narrowboat, and he spent some time on the tiller. A bit different to the speedboat he’s got at home!

Kay will be pleased with the improvement in the weather, she’s organised a BBQ for Wednesday evening. We’ll get the chance to meet her new arrival, a 10 week old St Bernard called Ruby. Should be interesting!

Locks 4, miles 6½

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