Thursday, July 26, 2007

The big event of the past week has been the family gathering at The Plough at Normanton. A good day, but somewhat let down by the service at the restaurant. But still, it’s good to get most of the family together.

Gathering of the Clan
We stayed the night at my brother’s house in Syston, thanks Andy and Nyree. Had a marathon Monoploy game with Luke, Megan, and Trevor, Sue’s NZ husband. It took another hour on Sunday morning to finish! (Trev won.)

When we got back to the boat on Sunday PM, the level in the marina was up by about a foot after Saturday’s rain, and continued to rise another foot or so through Monday morning.

Flooding at Birstall Lock
Tuesday and Wednesday’s drier weather allowed recovery back to just on the green at Birstall lock, but heavier showers again today have pushed the level back up again. The problem is that with standing water still in the sodden fields, there’s nowhere for the water to go apart from straight into the river. But we’re still a lot better off than those people in Tewkesbury!

We’re planning to move out on Saturday, round to Birstall for provisions, then slowly northward. Sister Kay is organising a BBQ in Loughborough on Wednesday, and we’d like to be there. All depends on the water, of course.

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