Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Early start today with a lot of ground (water!) to cover. Off at 07:35 in a grey damp sort of morning, with a brisk wind from the north-west. The day brightened, but still punctuated by the odd drizzly shower blowing in the wind. We only saw 3 other moving boats all day, which meant that we could crack on through the Cheshire locks. We are moving like a well oiled machine now, Margaret never ceases to amaze me, how well she has taken to this major upheaval in her life.

Nun impressions!

From Wheelock through to Harecastle the locks are all paired, but not all are in use!

Derelict lock chamber at Church Lawton.

We intended to stop near Church Lawton, but were doing so well decided to press on, although we had no chance of reaching Harecastle tunnel in time for the 15:00 deadline.
Finally stopped at just after 15:00 near Red Bull. About 1 mile and 3 locks to Harecastle, must remember not to stoke to stove in the morning, naked flames are not allowed in the tunnel. Pity there’s going to be a frost tonight! It’s going to be a cold 2926 yards through there tomorrow.

BW Yard at Red Bull

23 locks, 8½ miles.

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