Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rain through the night and rain in the morning. It got better, however as the day progressed. We locked through 4 of the 5 Middlewich flight, and stopped next to bridge 172 so I could walk up to the Somerfield supermarket t o top up the stores. Bruno and I had already had a walk earlier to locate it.
Through Middlewich Big Lock, and then just 4 miles to go before arriving back at Orchard. Spent an enjoyable 5 minutes watching a duck (sorry, haven’t a clue what it was) diving in front of the boat, then surfacing after 15 or 20 seconds, still in front of the boat. I wasn’t quick enough for a photo, though.
Quite busy with boats heading south, I reckon we passed about 8 today.

I don’t think this one’s going far for a while, though.

Arrived at Orchard Marina at 13:10, and were directed to a berth. We are in illustrious company; J Peg, exhibited at Crick and featured in Canal Boat magazine, is moored about 30 feet away.

We have arranged for the new inverter to be installed early next week, and the work on the bulkheads should start this weekend. We need to be away from here by next Thursday to have a chance of getting back down to Sileby for the 5th November, when we are meeting up with my sister, Sue, home from New Zealand.

On the way past I’m going to leave the cratch cover with Reg at Boat Hoods Direct at Redhill, for some mods to make it less vulnerable to damage in narrow locks.

Back to where we started, Orchard Marina just south of Northwich.

5 Locks, 5½ miles.

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