Friday, October 13, 2006

Left our overnight near Common lock at 08:50. Very misty autumnal morning, visibility down to about 50 yards. A very atmospheric run through Fradley, with the locks looming up out of the mist.

Emptied the loo and rubbish, and topped up the water at the services, and carried on towards Armitage now heading Northwest. I didn’t get a picture of what they make at Armitage last time through…..

Lots of Loos

Stopped at bridge 66 for a shop at Morrisons, mainly to make sure we had enough dog food for a while, then off past a very quite Great Haywood junction, finishing for the day just past bridge 77.

Not a lot happening at Great Haywood
10 locks, 14½ miles.

Bruno is not so good today, maybe tired as he will not settle down when we are moving. We’ll keep an eye on him.

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