Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Had a visitor last night – a young toad had moved in and made itself comfortable in Bruno’s bed. Liberated him back to the great outdoors.

Set off at 09:35, with just 5 minutes to the first lock. Had a good run through today’s 12 locks, most of them in our favour.

Autumn arrived at Lock 59

Rumps was a problem, though. Couldn’t open the top gate no matter how hard I tried. So enlisted the help of 43 BHP by hooking the bow line around the end of the gate and reversing the boat.

Stopped for lunch and a bit of shopping at Wheelock, but did not fill up with water. The last time we did here, it was horrible. I thought the name was canal related, but it seems that it is derived from the Saxon for “winding river”. There is a river Wheelock just to the south of the village.

Finished the day on the edge of Middlewich, above Kings Lock. Would not normally moor so close to houses or a busy main road, but we’d promised ourselves fish and chips. Wish we hadn’t bothered, they weren’t as good as they have been in the past. Also we need to stock up with provisions before our internment at Orchard.

Enough for several doses of hypertension.

12 locks, 7 miles.

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Val & Neil said...

Hi Mum, Geoff and Bruno,
Happy to hear Bruno is feeling better. All white here in Canada, got a big dump of snow. Time to get the skiddo out. Miss you all.
Love Val and Neil xoxoxoxoxoxoxox